Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market (沙河服装批发市场) is one of the largest clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou. The market is also very famous in South of China. Because the cheap price garments, many clothing buyers from Middle East, Africa and other areas in China come to the market to get garments.

Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market is located in No.1 Shahe Lianquan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou CityGuangdong Province. The market mainly wholesale clothing, Western-style clothes, sports wears, underclothes, handbags…

Shahe Clothing Wholesale MarketUsually, the Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market open very early everyday, and close also very early. For busy seasons, you can buy the clothing until 13-14 clock; while for off seasons, most of the suppliers will close about 11-12 clock. Therefore, if you want to get clothing from Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market, it is better to go to there earlier.

Most of the clothing are made by the suppliers themselves, so they usually they will see how many clothing sell every day, then they will make it. That is why many buyers once see what styles they like, they will buy without delay. Because if you do not buy when the styles in selling, other people buy it, you have to come tomorrow or wait for next order for those styles.

When you go to the Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market, you may buy clothing from different shops, it is a trouble that take so many clothing you had bought to look for other styles clothing. Don’t worry that. You can leave the clothing you had bought at the shops, and ask the shopper for the ticket, then after you finish your shopping, ask the carriers to take all your clothing. (If you hire carriers, then you can ask the shoppers to provide you two tickets, then you can give the carrier one ticket to take your clothing)

Besides the Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market, there are other wholesale markets you can go at that place. These markets are very near, such as Wanjia Wholesale Market, Shahe 1st, 2nd, 3rd Ready Made Garments Wholesale Market, Shadong Youli International Clothing Wholesale Market, Xintiandi Clothing Wholesale Market, Yimin Clothing Wholesale Market, Changyun Clothing Wholesale Street


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